Auntie sue in stitch.

Friday, 22 August 2014

This weeks top pick our hand sewn print - Auntie Sue in stitch. The original photo was taken of my Auntie sue and Auntie Shelia in the 1960's on the old knap lido in Barry, South Wales. Neither auntie can remember who their friend is! We love the brightly coloured stitch on this piece, it's great how it brings back the fun of the day! 

Check out or search us on etsy to find the print. Its avaliable on tons of products! 

Want to bring an old photo back to life? 
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Top picks... Foil yourself happy!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

This week our top pick is our fresh foil silver tee... Cool oversized look, perfect with your fave pair of jeans! 
This week we've teamed ours with our fave pair of mom  jeans, cons and a chunky vintage knit, perfect laid back wear for moody weather! 

How will you wear yours? 
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REtrose x 

Vintage love birds.... A pretty lovely story.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The best Thing about our products? They all come with lovely little stories. We don't know all the people in the cute vintage photos we hunt down, but there's always a story to how we found these photos, and why we choose them. 

Our vintage love birds are anonymous. I found this photo in an old satchel my mamgu had tucked away in her house. The satchel was full to the brim with anonymous photos, all from day trips and events from a bygone era. It's pretty special. 

All the photos we're organised and labelled. So although I don't know who these lovely people are, I know this photo was taken outside the Sea view Labour club in my home town, Barry, South Wales. 

I adored this photo, I loved the couple (they were probably friends of my great grandma) I had to have a go at bringing this photo back to life! 

These love birds have made it on to so many of our products, from postcards and prints to t-shirts, and it's great to see you love these love birds too! With our t-shirt making it to our top picks.

Stay tuned for how to wear and more stories behind the prints. 



Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dear bloggers, 
We're sorry we've neglected you for a while... We've been busy giving REtrose an upgrade! 
Not only have we got a brand spanking new website... But we've also given our etsy a lovely upgrade! 
and now, we promise we're back... And we'll be giving you a weekly low down on our top picks. We chose our top picks from what you've been buying, browsing and sharing, so keep your eyes peeled! We might be focusing on a product you LOVE! 

This weeks top pick is our vintage lovebirds printed tee 👉👉👉

Keep a look out this week on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for our story behind the print, how to wear and other products that you might love. 

Bloggers. We're back. 
REtrose x