Crafty Cardiff

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I love how crafty Cardiff is becoming. It's a great thing to see communities get involved in new activities, trying new things, and meeting new people. I recently got asked about my favourite crafty places in Cardiff for a piece in Cwtch magazine.

The piece explored what Cardiff has to offer for complete beginners, and from MADE Cardiff, Chapter and even crafty beginner workshops in interior shops such as Betti Biggs, it's great to see how crafting is not only widely accessible in the city, but growing, with more and more people getting involved and having a go. 

I love learning new crafts, and have recently given myself the challenge of learning how to knit. 
Taking on something new, and from a beginner perspective has made me do a lot of research, particularly as this is a craft I have aimed to teach myself, and along the way I've found some great crafting help from a wider community. 

Wool and the gang has some great products, patterns and start up kits for complete beginners. They also have some great social media campaigns that encourage anyone to #shareyourknits I still use their YouTube tutorials to learn new techniques and love their chunky wool! 

I've also gone back to basics and found some great books that have helped me master the tricks of the trade! This beauty gave me some great tips about casting off-

My own crafting experiences have let me in on some great online crafting communities, as well as the more local ones down the road. It's easier than ever to try something new, so GET CRAFTING! 

Happy making!