Project stitch

Sunday, 19 April 2015

It's been a while! But only because I've been super busy filling my time with crafting and thrifting joy! 
I've set myself a challenge to do more sewing this year, and get back to the basics I'm a bit rusty at...I set myself this challenge back at Christmas time when I got the greatest all you need to know about sewing book ever - the merchant and mills sewing book. 

This book starts you off with the very basics of pattern cutting and sewing, and gives you a range of projects to complete varying in difficulty.... It's been a slowly but surely labour of love for me, but I'm currently finishing up the ironing board cover (project 3) and I'm determined to finish all the projects and get my sewing back up to scratch! 

I've also fallen back in love with thrifting and re-making... And as its only a week until fashion revolution day...I've decided it's more important than ever to make sure I not only try and buy my summer wardrobe consciously, but I've set myself a little project to remake my wardrobe... Be it re-vamping my own clothes, or re-inventing 'ugly vintage' (I'm very fond of ugly vintage!) found while scouring charity and vintage shops. 

This ugly vintage dress I bought from the relief rail at blue honey. (if you haven't been to blue honey and you're in the Cardiff area, check it out, they've got a great vintage stash!) it's got a bit of work to go, but I loved working on this and making it a summer staple, and because I bought it from the relief rail, all the money I paid for it goes to charity. It's a win win! 

Re-making and re-vamping my wardrobe from 2nd hand finds and old clothes can be a great deal of effort, but money can't buy you the satisfaction of knowing you've made your clothes and you won't bump into anyone wearing the same give it a go! 

Fashion revolution day is on April 24th. 
Who made my clothes? Me!