A blog post about posting blog posts...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

HEY! It's been a while! And what do I have after all this time? A blog post about posting blog posts of course! 

I'll start from the begining... It's been a while because this summer has been jam packed full of super fun things! I've traveled here there and everywhere, taught some really cool lessons, had a handful of really exciting commissions and to top it all off I went to some really beautiful weddings... I've been full of so much inspiration... But also a ton of writers block (they always say getting started is the hardest part). 

I took to Twitter a few weeks ago to try and find a starting point and found I wasn't alone...

I decided it was going to take a lot more than just one blog post to explore everything that I've done this summer... And so we have come to this, a blog post about all the blog posts I plan to write in the next few weeks! 

Blogpost 1 - Travel
This summer I've managed to see all the lovely sights in Copenhagen, rediscovered my love for Brighton, found crafters to die for in Lecistershire and walked historic old Portsmouth - and I'm not even done yet! I'm ending summer on a high in Iceland (everyone should keep their fingers crossed for the northern lights!) 

Blogpost 2 - Wedding season
I LOVE wedding season - mainly because well, I love... Love ❤️ but also because I get so excited about seeing all the amazing craft work and imagination that goes in to the day. The food, the setting, the handmade pretty details... It's what makes the day... And the best bit? So much of it is handmade! 

Blogpost 3 - Projects, Lessons and Comissions
Because it wouldn't be a REtrose blog without knowing what's been going on with REtrose! I've planned some really cool projects for the new year, and I've used this summer to try my hand at teaching some textiles techniques as well as getting on with some awesome commissions! 

So... That's a blog post about posting blog posts...see you on the other side of Iceland!